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A little about me and how I got here...

Let me introduce myself: Hi! I'm Laura Evans. Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Health Coach. And newly added title, Truster of my Gut. Huh? You're thinking, "what did she just say?". Let me explain.

In my life experience thus far, I've experienced a variety of ups and downs as we all have. (Read more about Our Story.) Throughout these trials and tribulations I have learned that one of the most important qualities one can have, is the ability to trust your gut. In my journey to better myself, grow in my career, maintain healthy relationships with family and friends and just "live my best life", it has become imperative to listen to my gut when making decisions regarding all of the above. 

The gut is the bodies 2nd brain and contributes to our mental health and physical health. We all know that we should workout, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, etc. But what if there's more we can do? My passion for the connection between the gut and mental wellness has led to an overall improved quality of life, and I look forward to helping you find that as well. Life is short, let's live to the fullest!

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